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Introduction to Banner Advertising on

Why Advertise on
In today's day & age, the Internet no doubt is a very effective medium in which advertisers can put their messages across.

What are Banner Advertisements?
Well, one way to look at it would be to associate them with flyers and banners that use to fly across the streets in the olden times. In this day and age, Banner Advertisements are placed onto Websites just like Billboards are placed along roadsides & highways. In the massive network & routes linked within our site that forms part of the Information Superhighway, Banner Advertisements are placed onto WebPages that span across our site. Such advertisements can be both static or consist of interestingly catchy animated slogans, logos or pictures.

Outstanding Content & Extensive Reach
If you have surfed around our Portal, you would have noticed the currently holds wide array of Interests & Topics available to our visitors. That is how we attract all new surfers to join as a member and also our members keep on coming back for more. can be considered a starting point on the net. Most members start off their surfing experience by logging onto as we are thought of to be a one-stop shop on the net where users are able to obtain any information they need from us. Apart from that we also have many other interesting sections (e.g. Forum, Ringtones, Rakan, Games & etc.) to keep our visitors happy.

Traffic & Extensive Reach
Since re-launching in early 1997 with our new & improved look, there has been exponential growth of visitors to our portal. Based on our current visitor growth rate, we are projecting the monthly visitor count to easily reach 20 Million ++ page views per month by the end of 2003. From our visitor & member demographics, all sorts of age groups throughout the nation can be reached by advertising on! Additionally, the diversity in the demographic range of subscribers also means that advertisers can tailor their advertising messages to whichever segments they wish. All the above combined with's highly competitive & affordable advertising rates makes it a truly choice site in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Banner Advertisement Design & Placement

Banner Design
The power of Banner Advertisements relies solely on the performance of banners. In performance, we are referring to "Eye-Ball-Click-Through-Conversions" or "Impactfulness". When someone sees a banner advertisement, the ability of it to capture the attention of the web surfer within seconds before he scans the rest of the page is extremely important. If a user does not click on a banner, it should nonetheless try to make such an impact upon him that he will remember the banner advertisement in his subconscious mind. As long as any of the above two situations have been fulfilled, the banner advertisement campaign can be considered a success.

How do you capture attention?
In order to capture attention effectively, banners should consist of the following characteristics:

Fast loading time Ability to capture a user's attention within seconds Message to be projected should be clear and easy to understand Banners should intrigue a user, spike his curiosity and make him want to know more

Banner Placement
Just as important as a Banner's Design is to capture attention, Banner Placement should also be considered seriously. With a fantastically designed banner, it is still of no use if the user is not able to see the banner. Apart from being placed in a prime location on a web page, it also has to be placed in a location with high traffic flow under sections with high relevance.

Based on the above requirements & suggestions, would be able to help you deliver your message across to the correct target audience based on its wide array of interests & sections without wasting any of your resources in wasted banner ads.

Why do you need to place Banner Advertisements?

Internet advertising is without doubt the most cost-effective, accountable and flexible advertising medium available today. It offers a variety of benefits not seen in other forms of advertising (like TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc), some of which are as follows:

Increase visibility of your Website, Products or Services
By advertising with, you will be able to promote your product in the shortest time ever! By subscribing for multiple exposures, you will be able to drill into our visitors' head and make them remember your Brand Name, Website Name or whatever message you are trying to convey to others.

Reach a worldwide audience at a minimal cost.
Banner advertisements are one of the cheapest form of advertising you are able to find in the media world today. Apart from it being only a fraction of the cost as compared to other mediums, you are also able to reach a wider worldwide audience when placing Banner Advertisements rather than restrict yourself to certain locations or markets.

Visitors are just a click away from your Website, Products or Services can help bring customers directly to your website via our Banner Placements. Users will only need to click on the banner to be automatically transported to your Website where you will then have full control as to what product or message you wish to present. No other form of advertising can deliver potential customers to your store so easily.

Comprehensive demographics allow for the promotion of most products and services. has a massive amount of traffic as well as a wide range of demographics. Our visitors range from students, to income earners all the way down to retired senior citizens. Whichever market or product you are trying to push & sell, will be able to put your message forward to your potential untapped customers.

Target Advertising becomes a reality!
Even with though our visitors consist of a wide range of demographics, we are able to target via email promotions certain sections of our members/visitors. Also by placing banner advertisements strategically, we can help advertisers target their audience effectively without wasting any money on non-performing advertisements.

Track exactly how effective your ads have been.
Banner Advertisements placed on can be tracked down to the finest detail as to how they are performing. Our special banner account console allows our advertisers to see how many people have seen their advertisements and how many people have taken action by clicking on them. This enables advertisers to analyse and see how effective their banners or advertising policies are.

Glossary of terms used in Banner Ads

Click-Through: When a banner ad is clicked on and the user is taken through to advertiser web site this is termed a `click through.'

Eye-Ball: As the name suggests, eye-ball is normally used in reference to the ability of a single person to view your page/banner. The more eye-balls a page is able to generate, the more 'hits' the page is getting. Normally, 1 eye-ball refers to one person's ability to view the page though normally each person has two eye-balls.

Flat Fee Advertising: Banner advertising calculated by some period of time, like one week or one month the banner ad will appear on the advertising site. Charges do not related to the number of impressions or click-through.

Gif or Jpg : Two particular graphical file formats commonly used for banner images.

Hit : An entry in the log file of a Web server. A hit is generated by every request made to a Web server. Calculate based on the total number of files down loaded from an individual site. It is quite common for a single web page to be made up of over twenty files therefore `Hits' can give an inflated and subsequently unreliable estimate of visits.

Impression : One display of a banner to a single viewer. Advertising rates are often related to the total number of times the banner is displayed

Impressions and Hits - What's The Difference?
An impression is counted when an Internet user views a page on a particular site that an advertisement appears on. An impression based model is a more accurate measurement barometer to base advertising on than terms such as `Hits' which only calculate a figure based on the total number of files down loaded from an individual site. It is quite common for a single Web page to be made up of over twenty files therefore `Hits' can give an inflated and subsequently unreliable estimate of visits.

Page : An HTML document that may contain text, images, and other on-line elements. It may be static or dynamically generated. It may be a stand-alone HTML document, or page which is contained within a frame.

Our Rates

For Only RM200 per month, you will get unlimited impression with unlimited pages. We're guaranteed your banner will arcieve minimum 20,000 impression per days. We will place your 468x60 banner size on top of every pages on randomly basis. You have to logon to your banners ads account and you will get full report on how many impression, clicks, and IP come from. For more information please call 03-56361082 or email to

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